I am honored to have earned the trust and confidence of these people and organizations. We will work together to solve problems in House District 17, OUR community. Please vote for me this November 8th.

Gazette endorses Stovall to lead House District 17

The Gazette Editorial Board writes, "Seldom do voters have a chance to elect someone as dynamic and impassioned about our community as Rachel Stovall in House District 17. A musician, singer, event organizer, business owner, former Gazette columnist and multifaceted community activist, Stovall has a long track record of personally helping people work through problems. Know of an unfair eviction? It’s Stovall to the rescue. Unsafe living conditions in a rundown rental? Stovall tries to fix it. Families in need of food and people enduring all assortments of injustice can count on Stovall to find a solution. A liberal-turned-conservative, Stovall brings heart and compassion to a Republican Party desperately in need of it. Her primary issues include: increasing the supply of affordable housing; sustained economic growth to benefit all households; improvements to roads, bridges and other public infrastructure; and educational reforms that improve academic outcomes for children of all backgrounds.

Colorado Chamber of Commerce
endorses Rachel Stovall for HD-17

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce has endorsed state legislative candidates for the November 2022 General Election. For House District 17, it chose Rachel Stovall. Candidates were endorsed after thorough interviews and vetting by the Colorado Chamber’s Political Action Committee Board. The vetting included a detailed analyses of candidates’ campaigns, fundraising, legislative districts, and voter performance and history. The endorsements include open seats and incumbents across the political spectrum.

Delia Busby-Armstrong

Colorado Springs Human Rights Commission

Honorable Lois Landgraf

Former State Representative

Pastor Brannon

Pastor John Brannon

Pastor and Community Leader

Longinos Gonzalez, Jr

County Commissioner District 4 & Veteran

Wayne Williams

Colorado Springs City Council

Frank Sinclair

Co-founder Black Business Network & Entrepreneur

Honorable John Suthers, Mayor, Colorado Springs

Honorable Larry Liston, Colorado State Senator

Honorable Terri Carver, State Representative and Veteran

Honorable Andy Pico, State Representative and Veteran

Stan VanderWerf, County Commissioner District 3 and Veteran

Michael Allen, District Attorney, 5th Judicial District

Cory Applegate, Fountain City Councilman

Honorable Kit Roupe, former State Representative and Veteran

Honorable Darryl Glenn, former Commissioner, Colorado Springs City Councilman, and Veteran

Honorable Theresa Null, former School District 11 School Board and Veteran

Tony Gioia, Local Realtor and Veteran

Juandriqua Davis, Local Realtor and Advocate

Carrie Barnhill, Local Business owner and Veteran

Marti Hartman, Conservation activist

Karen Murray Cibula, Local Non-profit president

Debra Hendrix, Local Charter school CEO & President, former Harrison District 2 School Board President

Rosa Lewis, Chemical Surety Specialist

Gaspar and Becky Martinez, Local Latino community supporters

Mary Elizabeth Fabian, Local Business owner

Antonio Cole, Pastor and Veteran

Robert Posch, Jr, Local Business owner 

Carmel O’Sullivan Local Business owner

Sandra Foote, Retired Nurse and Advocate

James Baldick III, Local Business owner

Dede Laugesen, Local Non-profit CEO

Yolanda Garcia, Insurance broker

Joe Uveges, Musician