Affordable Housing

Southeast needs affordable housing. Without housing, our families can become homeless. I will encourage the building of affordable housing.

New housing and rentals are coming to the southeast, but we need to show people how they can get help with the rent through Silver Key or United Way.

 Feel good legislation has resulted in the terrible cost for rent or our mortgages for many of us. It needs to stop and solving this real issue is one that I will take on as your representative.

Economic Growth

Our economy is made up of many things. There are employers, small business owners, trade schools, trade associations, adult education, and training centers. I will lower taxes so they can bring in better paying jobs.

Feel good legislation is putting business owners and employers out of business, and that hurts us all because we are all paying for it. We have lost jobs and we cannot take care of ourselves and families.

It needs to stop. I will work with people, whether employees, employers, or business owners, to stop the cycle of job and business-killing legislation.


Southeast basic needs are ignored. From broadband internet and potholes, to parks, mental health, and sidewalks, we’re being left behind.

We are represented by those who give us feel good answers and bad legislation. This must stop. We pay our taxes and we expect our roads and infrastructure to work.

Unlike our current representatives, I will work with our city, county, and others to get the funding we need to fix our problems. It will take us working together. I have done this already and we can do more together.

Educational Reform

Our children need help. Our schools need repairs. And frankly, our students need hope.

I will help bring schools and parents together. I will fight to make sure our money goes to classrooms and teachers. It will begin with passing laws that address our real concerns and not just feel good legislation. Teachers, students, and parents need real solutions and need to see the results in their daily lives.


We can make safety and security better. Law enforcement agencies want better training, equipment, and funding.

We need more respect from everyone.  Mental health training can prevent helplessness for everyone, and we need to understand each other better so help comes sooner, not later.

It will begin with funding the police and first responders! Feel good legislation has taken our law enforcement to a place where they cannot do their jobs. I will work with our law enforcement community to right the wrongs and solve the real issues for public safety.


If we’re going make our district a better place to live, we need businesses to want to come here. We want these businesses to want to hire us. We need to help those who are changing careers, lost their jobs, or wanting to be promoted. 

Getting to and from work are real issues in the southeast. Getting child care is a real issue in the southeast. Knowing our work places and families are safe are real issues. All of these are necessary for us to find a job and take care of our families. I will work on all of this because you deserve better.

It begins with doing legislation to fix laws or make new laws that really solve issues. We have seen what feel good, useless legislation and laws have done. It must stop now. 


Businesses won’t open up if we can’t support them. And, just like you and me, businesses need the internet, the roads fixed and they need safety and security. And we need better transit services. We all need these things! I know the right people. I know we can work together to get the money to make it right.

Community Respect

Our voices must be heard from HD 17. The elected officials who have represented us for the past several years have silenced our voices by bowing down to outside pressures. Passing feel good, useless legislation that has done nothing to address our real issues. Telling us what we want to hear and doing something else is what has been happening.

We are being disrespected. I can’t sit quietly and watch my community fall apart.

I will work hard to ensure we get the respect we deserve. We start with our schools, police departments, the city, and the department of human services. 

This is NOT politics as usual. We need lawmaking that helps the people and I want to do that for us now.

Parks/Open Spaces

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